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Mental Health is as important as Physical Health

When you're experiencing unhealthy mental stress/exhaustion.

1.  Tiredness (extreme, unable to recover your energy from a good night's sleep, physical exhaustion unable to have energy for physical exercise)

2.  Sleep disruption (struggle to get to sleep or waking through night and unable to get back to sleep)

3.  Mood swings (emotional outbursts, unable to regulate your emotions, flying of handle, anger, frustration or crying, upset, snappy, irritated by the  smallest of issues)

4.  Fear (unable to settle your mind, always thinking worst will happen, constantly worrying about anything and anyone, nothing ever works out)

5.  Lack of joy (unable to connect with happy moments or see joy in your life, feel joyful)

6.  Lack of concentration (loss of memory, unable to concentrate on situations, conversations, tasks, foggy brain)

7. Restlessness (find distractions, unable to sit, be calm, always keeping busy)

8.  Its no me it's you/them (seeing everyone or everything as the enemy, its others fault or other things making me stressed)

These are some of the symptoms, indicators of extreme unhealthy mental stress.

If you are experiencing 1 or all 8 daily, weekly ie regularly then this is your body saying something has to change.  Either remove the stress factors or learn healthy techniques to manage them and bring your mental health into a more functional positive balance.

It's never too late to start taking care of you.  These are all reversible with some positive mental health techniques.

Mental health is as important as Physical health and its not a negative, something to be embarrassed about, we all have mental health, we all have physical health and we just need to be ok with this fact and take care of both.

(If you want any support with any of the above contact me)

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Jun 28, 2022

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