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Failure is not an option

You are not a failure

There is no failure just experiences and learning

Society has us believe that failure is bad, to be feared, to be judged.

Failure is made by the expectations put upon us by others, institutes and then by ourselves.

Such pressure is put upon on us to achieve a standard, a standard set by someone saying in there opinion you should achieve this goal, this grade, this level, this lifestyle, by...... this is something we hear all our life.

This has an impact on us,, we begin to feel a failure, we begin to feel worthless, this starts us comparing ourselves to others, this creates a belief we are not good enough, this can give us a life full of anxieties and depression.

Failure is not the option here, when we change our perspective, we can be free of failure.

When we look at life not full of failures but experiences where we learn and grow, we feel empowered, capable.

We are not to be punish ourselves for not meeting a expectation or standard but to be praised for trying, trying the best we can in that moment. Recognising and understanding the importance of trying and learning, what is going well, what we need to change or correct understanding what is the challenge we want to overcome.

If we feel a failure we will give up and continue to failure and stop trying and miss out on so many experiences.

We are indoctrinated right from a young age to believe in failure. Imagine how different we would be if we believed in experiences, learning and successes.

We would live without the pressure, stress and negative emotions, thoughts we have about ourselves. We would feel enough, we would feel at peace with ourselves that we are experiencing and enjoying this journey of life, would feel success.

Believing in failure makes living in joy impossible, puts us on a path of misery and suffering.

Be patient with yourself

Be kind to yourself

Try not to take it all so seriously enjoy the journey.

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