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FEEDBACK from Living with Grief and Bereavement COURSE

I delivered my first course on this topic last month. 3 sessions, scheduled a week apart.

After the recent passing of my mum this year, I began an

End of Life Doula course. This training combined with my Mindfulness I designed a course to bring some understanding, comfort and support to manage a life with grief.

I was so grateful for an amazing group of people that attended. I felt so privileged to share my own experiences and teach the content of this course.

At times it was challenging for all of us, however the support for each other was unquestionable.

Below are some of the delegates feedback.

It had certainly inspired me to deliver another course in Newry next year.

New dates will be published very soon. However if you are interested in knowing more about course and dates message me directly or text 07730735320.

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