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Reiki is thousands of years old and works on different levels; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, enhancing everything in life.

It's an energy healing system involving the laying-on, or hovering, of my hands. A treatment can feel like warm, gentle sunshine flowing through you, surrounding and comforting you.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a simple, natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can feel the benefits of.

The healing energy works holistically, moving through the healer, and dispelling blocks and negativity for you.

Reiki Treatment

I will place my hands on or over you in a number of positions, focusing on your chakra energy points, which are:

Third eye - between the eye brows

Crown - top of the Head


Heart - chest

Solar Plexus – stomach

Sacral – just below the belly button

Root – base of spine

Reiki has a way of naturally flowing to the area where it is most needed. It can induce a deep relaxation, relieve emotional stress and provide a greater feeling of wellbeing.

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