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What is healing?

This is a word we use these days quite openly and frequently.

But what is it? Can it really happen?

As a therapist in EFT and Mindfulness I have learnt that healing comes in many layers and be different for each person.

Healing is being with the things that have hurt or frightened us the most. When I say being with, it's the emotions, the feelings, the acceptance of it.

This is challenging, like the quote explains, although the word healing has a peaceful vibration the journey may not be so peaceful.

This realisation can stop us from doing this and at many stages or opportunities we turn away.

We believe it is easier to bury the hurt etc deep down inside where nobody can get to it, not even you.

Sadly this creates more pain and manifests in our everyday living, keeping us from living our best life, keeping us back from inner peace, joy and happiness.

Going on a healing journey can be the most liberating journey of your life. Becoming the person you know you feel to be inside of yourself.

A healing journey is challenging alone and support, guidance and therapy are to be considered.

This can be in many formats, talking, Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, pranayama breathwork, reiki, sound healing, many avenues.

I support and encourage those who choose me to assist them with their healing journey and am most grateful they do.

I use a variety of methods to suit the person and healing process for them as it is an individual journey.

If you are interested in any healing and would like further information (no obligation), contact me via Messenger,

email or mobile 07730735320

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