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Yin Yoga

Yin is great for everyone, every body and every age, no level of fitness is required to do this type of Yoga.

**please note not suitable for those who are pregnant, recent slipped disc or hip/knee replacement in last 3 months.

If you’ve never done yoga then this is a great type of yoga to start with, or if you do other yoga practices this is a great balance to your yang.

Woman in a Yoga Pose
Yoga at Home

Yin Yoga specifically targets the connective tissue in and around our muscles, called fascia tissue, which is like a webbing over our muscles. No other type of exercise can target this type of tissue.

It does this by ensuring you remain still and longer in the poses to reach the connective tissue and to put stress on the fascia, improving flexibility and movement in our muscles and joints.

Due to the stillness, it not only helps the physical aspect of your wellbeing, it also has a calming meditative impact on our mental health.

Yin is so good for those who take part in higher impact activities. Adding yin yoga to your training regime can have a dramatic effect on your tight and sore muscles, fascia and joints, helping to improve the flexibility of your, IT Band, lumbar region, hips, and hamstrings. This helps you recover more quickly - especially after those long runs, cycles, and leg work outs.

If you are less active, yin yoga greatly helps with improving joint mobility and flexibility in hips and in the back, giving you more ability to move your body, helping sciatica and the lumbar region.

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