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I am comfortable with myself or AM I?

I have cultivated a inner peace overtime with the diligence and commitment to myself.

That commitment began many years ago when I became aware I wasn't comfortable with myself or my thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

It was an awakening moment that didn't bring instant peace or happiness, infact it was probably more painful, disappointment depressing, sadness and exhausting.

However I knew in that moment there was hope, the hope to feel well, the hope to begin again to move forward and a sense of optimism.

That's how I knew deep down inside of me I wanted to become more comfortable with me.

So there my meditation and mindfulness practices began, a commitment to self a journey of self discovery which is still happening.

I never presume to say I'm there, I've achieved full enlightenment as I'm still discovering and experiencing new things about me and life and I love this.

I no longer have the constant fear I once felt everyday, I experience anxiety and depression much less and I trust myself to manage whatever comes my way on my life journey.

The tools I developed through Mindfulness Meditation helped me to do this and I am so grateful to be able to pass these on to anyone who joins my classes, to encourage and show them how to do the same.

So am I comfortable with myself? Yes most of the time, however my mind reminds me at times of the old me, the critical self, the mean remarks I tell myself:

I'm not pretty

I'm not slim

I'm old and grey

I'm not likable

I'm just not good enough

I learned to be aware of 'who am I not good enough for'? Maybe all the times I felt I failed, was rejected, was compared to others, that's who I am not good enough for, I was told this.

When I learnt this it changed the way I see and talk to myself and when my mind reminds me I try and focus on being grateful for reminding me that I am none of those things.

I am enough, I am learning each day to become more comfortable with myself inside and out.

I am my best teacher, my own guru and I love myself for it 🥰 🙏

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