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Wee chat about Peri-menopause

Well folks found some energy these days which is great and making most of the present moment as always.

Beginning to increase the exercise activity, maybe its the spring weather thats motivating me 😁

But it's nice to be able to trust my body the last 2 weeks having the energy and strength to push a little bit more and it feels good. I've even managed to drop a couple of lbs in weight which i was beginning to think that was impossible 🤣. However I've adjusted my eating habits a little, I realise that I do have to eat less than I used to as my peri-menopause has decided for me 🤣🤣 and eating less in the evenings.

Before my hormones changed I had kept my weight very stable and maintained a certain weight but now I have had to learn from what is changing in me and hopefully these next few weeks, months I may gain from my adjustments. I'm learning to accept the changes in my body and also accepting that I can find a positive way through and stay healthy physically and mentally.

Hot flushes have reduced massively and anxiety and brain fog/concentration is not too bad, however I know this is down to my mindful meditation practice and relax yin yoga.

I'm still not on HRT bit that's my choice so far as I'm seeing how things are going and making adjustments, its not that I'm not up for taking it, I'm aware it's very successful and helpful to many women 😊.

I've been chatting to some people who are more educated than me in this area and will hopefully bring some events to banbridge and newry to help other ladies navigate this part of our life journey, so keep an eye out for those.

It will be great to bring support, techniques to women who are peri-menopausal, menopausal and to those who aren't even there yet but to educate themselves in preparation.

Anyway thanks for reading and listen to yourself, listen to your body she has alot to say 🥰

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