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The power of our words

Dr Maseru Emoto, did an experiment on the power of our words, the energy our words carry. Talking negative words into water and positive words then froze them. Results were amazing, positive bowl showed beautiful patterns, negative spikey patterns.

Dr Bruce Lipten studied cells and showed how the cells in our body respond to.positive words, positive thinking and negative words, negative thinking and positive they thrive stay well, negative they mutated and became ill.

So attached is a water meditation to consider by using the power of our words, the power of positive energy to benefit our bodies

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Carolyn Megaw
Carolyn Megaw
Jan 24, 2021

Brilliant! Going to do this x


Hot Yoga Newry
Hot Yoga Newry
Jan 14, 2021

Jennifer talked about this in our chat the other day! Such great info🙌😊

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