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Navigating Peri-menopause mindfully

Well its been several weeks since I last posted about my PM journey.

Getting used to listening and being comfortable with a body that is changing is a new experience.

I knew where I was with my monthly cycle, the emotions, the cramps, the tiredness, bloatedness, headaches, irritably sore and swollen breats, due to the regularity of each month.

Now this is a different experience with no pattern, no regularity, no consistency. Amplified days of emotions, tiredness and bloating, oh the bloating 🤣 the pregnant shaped belly that grows during the day and now I find myself looking to purchase expanding waistlines 🤣🤣

Now that all sounds negative, however I'm encouraged by the fact it is temporary and it will pass. As I accept this process my body is taking I am still working with me, rather than against me.

It teaches me to love and care for myself more, to be kind, and gentle to my body, to listen to her, to allow what needs to take place, take place.

I continue to meditate which helps with my emotions.

The strength training 💪 is helping with my bloating, building muscle mass, boosts my energy.

My breathwork reduces, anxiety, low moods, boosts immune system and energy.

Last couple of days I've been drinking lemon water for bloating and to early to say if this is working but today I've a nice calm deflated belly 🤣🤣

I embrace this daily, a new day and see how I feel, following my mindful practice of being present with what is.

Its ok to feel like this, its ok to take care of me, everything passes.

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