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Why you feel the impact of Ukraine

As humans we are all connected, we are all energy.

When other humans are suffering we all suffer. Whether that's as a collective or as an individual, such as those closer to us.

No ones suffering is individual although we may think that at times. What affects you also affects me and vice versa.

This is the law of the universe, cause and affect.

So the polarity of this is also affective.

When I work with my fears, my anxieties, reducing them, staying in the light of love, peace, harmony, my energy impacts you, the collective you, us, we.

This is the importance of working on oneself, working on reducing your fears, worries, hatred, anger, anxieties etc. For when you do this you help me, your loved ones, the world.

So the power of your intention, the power of your energy is bigger than you can possibly imagine, sadly we just don't believe it. What we put out ripples out.

So if you are feeling the impact of the current situation this is why.

If you feel you want to do something then, believe it or not, one of the easiest most affect things is to send love, kindness, compassionate energy to all those caught up in this situation, plus all the other souls/spirits that suffer everyday in other wars, other countries. Ukraine is not the only one, its just the only one the media is focusing on.

Be mindful of the triggers of fear they represent.

Come into yourself, sit, invite the light into your being, connect with the universe and send love, compassion out and thank the universe for delivering a peaceful solution to those who can affect this directly.

The power of collectiveness

The power of prayer

The power of staying out of fear

These are the best ways of us all coming together and healing the world for each other.

Healing means balance.

The more fear we each contribute the more fear we experience.

Focus your mind on this, focus your mind on your blessings, your gratitude of what joys you have each day.

Its ok to focus on these even when there seems to be others who are suffering because you will balance things out, we will balance things out, not guilt, not fear.

Let's collectively be strong for a our fellow humans who experience suffering today and everyday until we all experience joy and life from tyranny and those who wish to use power to control us.

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