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The Peri-menopausal phase

As us ladies move into the later years in life our bodies change just like they did during puberty and just like they do every month.

It's a part of our biology yet we have been taught to get on with, but it impacts our daily life all our life.

I intend to embrace this stage, as I haven't embraced any of the others.

My puberty cycles were treated by The Pill when I was 15 to which I was on most of my life, it led to believe this was ok, not saying it was wrong but I never got a chance to connect with my menstrual cycle, the emotions, the feelings. I resisted and suppressed it all.

Until about 2-3 years ago, all my life I've seen my cycle as a an inconvenience, some were taught it was a curse. I rejected it, resisted it and was relieved when it passed.

Now I am experiencing my peri-menopause I no longer wish to do this to myself. Deny the emotional part of me as wrong, crazy, this is my body expressing itself naturally.

I know its challenging and unpleasant and extreme for many women, however we are not alone, we can be understanding and compassionate with each other and ourselves.

As I experience amplified anxiety and lows I also experience beautiful peace and calm and joy.

My Mindfulness practice gives me the understanding of what I am experiencing and to be with it as it will pass.

My daily breathwork and meditations have reduced the length of the more challenging emotions.

I intend to be compassionate and kind to myself, to be patient as I go through this natural biological change.

Also my exercise programme, the strength training over the last few weeks, I am feeling the benefit of with the bloating reducing and energy increasing.

We all find our own way through this life experience, for me its everything I know about wellbeing, and thats what I've always focused on.

Listening to my body, she tells me what to do. Its time to no longer ignore my body, no longer be critical and negative about myself.

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Mindfulness, breathing and strength training certainly has helped me cope with menopause and anxiousness, worry, insomnia, truly grateful to you Lorraine and gym

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