The Christmas Star

We are going to feel more and more Energy as we draw closer and closer to the Winter Solstice.

This year on the Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will once again collide.

This Unique alignment will create a LIGHT Known as the Christmas Star. This is the Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem a rare planetary alignment.

Once again these planetary alignments and Ascension Energies are here to Guide us Home.

The veil is continuing to thin as we are nearing the middle of this Eclipse Gateway that we are in.

We are also preparing for the 12:12 Portal. Expect some major LIGHT Body Upgrades as we prepare to enter this next Gateway.

The next Eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. It will bring with it some much needed fresh Energy.

We have a lot of Positive Energies we can be using during this time. December is a powerful space to get back on track with your Manifesting.

Eclipse Season is a powerful time for clearing the past so that we can more fully step into our future.

These Energies are helping to Re-calibrate us Energetically. NOW is a Good Time to continue to Shed any Misaligned Energies.

We have some more Clearing to do. Make sure you’re really tuning in within for any Guidance your Receiving.

~ Ra James 💜

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