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Raise your vibration

Energetically we are experiencing and moving through a challenging, emotional and intense energy right now.

At present its like a daily emotional rollercoaster, feeling ok and happy to sad and deeply emotional.

Go with the flow, stay steady as this will shift. The shift is on 21st December, winter solstice.

This shift will bring a calm more peaceful energy, ascending to a higher vibration.

Have faith, remain positive 🙏, trust the universe this will change.

In the meantime, meditate, meditate, meditate, keep your thoughts positive, do things that relax you, keep the mind calm and still, try to avoid the daily negative energy that surrounds you.

Be aware of what is happening around us. See what we need to see.

Take care of yourself even in these challenging times. Go outside, go to a park, walk in nature ground your energy, release anything that doesn't serve you and breathe in what nature has to offer us, feel connected you are safe. This will help 💖 recharge your energy, retreat a little if you have too.

Focus on how you want to feel, the world you wish to live in, what you want, helping to create a higher vibration ❤ This is so important right now 🙏

You can do this, keep your vibrations high 💪 we can get through this together because more positive things are coming, and we can help manifest them in.

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