So as my body ages and at 51 I'm in those peri-menopausal years. I'm noticing so many changes to my body and surprised how little I knew about this stage of a womens life. Its crazy how we don't seem to talk about it, its like a taboo topic or its whispered between us ladies.

Not for me, I'm going to talk about it to anyone and everyone should the topic crop up. This is a stage in my life that I shouldn't be embarrassed about. Its been challenging enough to be quiet about my menstrual cycle, my periods and how little us ladies discuss it, how over the years it gets dismissed as one of those things.

I feel more understanding is required from society and each other. My intention is to use my already developed tool bag of meditation, breathwork, EFT and yoga to help with my journey of menopausal symptoms, which is helping with my increased anxiety, low moods and hot flushes/sweats. Taking care of me, my body, my wellbeing has become even more of a focus as I begin these changes in my hormones and body shape. Yes the weight gain has appeared overnight lol, well thats what it felt like 🤣 however I am aware that we can burn fat a little quicker during menopause when we exercise, so ill see how that goes.

I intend to avail of all the services of all my mindful fitness friends, doing my yoga and High Intensity Pilates at Hot Yoga Newry with the lovely Jenny, whose classes are very suited to building strength for us menopausal ladies, along with Matthew Amplify Wellness banbridge whose 121 personal training totally focuses on strength training and changing body shape without all the heavy lifting of weights, gyms are not all about pumping iron guys, it offers so much more than that. Also Team Magill: All Things Health, Life, Fitness & Family offer High Intensity training classes in banbridge. All local self-employed professionals offering great knowledge and experience.

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