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How to observe and let go

Cultivating awareness helps us connect with our true nature.

Expanding our self awareness enables us to see fresh solutions to our life difficulties.

Expanding our awareness opens us to real relationship with others and with the world.

One of the most important skills we must acquire as we become more aware of ourselves is the ability to 'observe and let go.

What this means is we can see what arises in us from moment to moment, as well as seeing what calls us away from the here and now.

Whatever we find whether pleasant or unpleasant, we simply observe it, we do not change it, nor do we criticise ourselves for what we uncover. Being fully present to whatever we find in ourselves helps us to relax, thats how we observe and let go, thats why we observe and let go. Otherwise if we don't it stays and embeds as part of our programming on how we view and treat, ourselves, others and the world.

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