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We all know when we exercise to help our body, feel better, be well it takes time to see and feel those changes.

When you start the journey, It takes some work, commitment and diligence, reminding yourself why you are doing this even on days you don't want to but you buy into and trust the process.

This is the same when working with your mental health.

Whatever routine, practices you start doing, they need the same commitment, work and diligence.

Also the patience to trust the process to feel the small changing and be encouraged by them.

The more patience, the more you notice, the more permanent the change. The less likely you are to give up.

The world has us convinced, programmed for fast results, the i want, need it now which has made its way into our subconscious for everything.

Trusting the process is whats important not rushing it.

Crash diets, fast food, teaching us we don't have time, we need to do it now and quickly.

You cannot rush the body or mind to charge if you want this to be lasting. However, once you start your journey that's your journey, no destination, just changes along the way.

Be aware of giving up on yourself even when it's challenging, do something that is in your process, so even if you slow down even pause a little, do something, anything that keeps you taking care of yourself.

And most of all enjoy the process, enjoy the journey with no destination because the journey is each day not next week, next month, next year, its now each day.

Trust the process

Trust yourself


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Thank you so much Lorraine ❤️

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