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Therapist - Mindfulness. EFT, Reiki Practitioner - Working with Anxiety & Depression

Bridge Over River

Looking after your mental, spiritual and physical self is a natural part of being human, however most of us forget how important this is to our overall wellbeing.

If your wellbeing (mind, body & soul) is not balanced you can feel lost, unhappy, disconnected, and experience
anxiety and depression.

Self care has to be a priority for you to live a full and balanced life, a life you can enjoy and be engaged in, rather than just surviving.

WellBeing NI offers a variety of therapies to help you have a full and well-balanced life.


Practising mindfulness meditation improves both mental and physical health, making it easier for you to fully engage in your life and be who you really are, enjoying life on your level.

I deliver classes in Newry, Banbridge, Armagh, Dundalk and Online.