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The challenge of being positive

Being positive is a combination of many things. It used to come natural to us all from ages 0-6 then we begin to be aware of ourselves and the world around us and slowly this natural wonder to life begins to change.

Influenced by our environment at some point we notice that we have lost this aspect and find it challenging to bring it back.

So, Positive is a mindset, however it has to be worked on because its not been there for a while. Being positive is being aware of our thoughts and how we feel. Learning to be comfortable with you rather than what you have been taught positive is, what it looks like, what it feels like.

The truth is there are no rules about being positive. It is as individual as you are but you have to awaken to it, to notice how you think, how you talk to yourself and others. Who and what you are comparing yourself too and who you are surround by.

The challenge is consistency and commitment and the majority of us will give up because it seems so difficult when the world around is not positive.

So the answer is its not outside of us, its inside of us and how cool is that, that we can do it ourselves if we have the commitment to do so.

If we viewed it as important as diet and exercise then its totally possible.

We think that a positive day or moment will stay forever and we have to try and stay there or get it back. This can make us feel like it is too hard, and its not possible to live with a positive mindset because positive things are not happening.

To start It might be easier to move your emotional dial from negative to neutral than it is to jump straight to positivity.

If feeling down, move your attention to ordinary, neutral activities - walking, tidying or some work task that requires little force on making it positive. Treat it as ok, this is OK right now and begin to build it from there.

Take the pressure of what you think is being positive and begin to feel the day to day activities more and see them as ok and overtime this will be a good foundation, a more permanent mindset that will move into a more positive one.

This is OK, this is OK, this is OK

This allows a space for positive feelings to come in.

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