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Do we really cherish our bodies?

Are we possibly disconnected from seeing it as something to cherish?

Or do we only realise or learn this when it starts to malfunction, become sick, unhealthy?

Is it likely we take it for granted and forgot it needs nurturing, looking after?

Maybe we just expect it to hold out. Maybe we just find it to much hard work to take care of it, so we ignore it and our mind becomes the priority.

Maybe we get lost in our heads and completely forget we've even got a body.

Just living through the mind, living with what we think, what we perseve to be and living a life of reactions.

Do we only notice we have a body when pain arrives?

Do we only begin to love it when something is going wrong?

We are the guardians, the keeper of our bodies, we choose what goes in it, we choose what we eat and drink, so if that's not been the best for our bodies then we are responsible for this and correcting it.

This can be the most positive realisation, awakening we can have because we get to change it, we have the choice, the repair is within us.

Yes I fully understand some illnesses need medical support, but often these are a result of no care. If we don't water and feed our houseplants take care of them they wilt and die.

95% of illnesses are caused by stress, stress causes us to eat more, eat unhealthy, drink more alcohol, more caffeine, take drugs (addictive drugs), become de-motivated, lethargic, lack of exercise or even become addicted to too much exercise.

This creates a massive imbalance of taking care of our bodies, our one off precious body.

No matter what level of ability our body has, we can still take care of it.

The more we dislike (hate, which is a word I refrain from using) our bodies we keep it sick or create sickness. The more stress we live in or with stress we make our bodies sick.

We are not invincible, we are not immortal, we live like we believe we've plenty time, living with a perception ill do it tomorrow, I'll start that healthier plan tomorrow. Then tomorrow becomes another tomorrow and another tomorrow, then tomorrow becomes illness, sickness then we decide to do something, then we suddenly awaken to how precious our body is, then we want to cherish it and repair it, sadly this could be too late.

But if its not then cherish it now, regardless of what it is experiencing now, see if you can repair it or continue to keep it healthy.

Respect, love, cherish this amazing body as its the only way to fully experience this journey on earth.

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